THE ANGRY LION: How Love Can Change the Strongest of Hearts

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All of the creatures living in the jungle are scared of the angry lion. That’s because he likes to create a lot of trouble for them. He destroys their homes, roars too loudly, and scares all the poor animals half to death!

That is all about to change, however, when a young lioness comes to the jungle to find the angry lion. What a shock the angry lion gets when she reveals that she is none other than his own daughter!

The angry lion realizes that if he wants to be a good dad, he needs to make some big changes. Not an easy challenge for such an angry lion. But his heart can’t help but melt when he meets his beautiful baby girl.

The angry lion is a heart-warming poem designed to teach us that even the seemingly roughest and toughest of people have a soft spot, and with enough determination and hard work, it is possible to change for the better.