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  • Kay’s Impossible Popcorn Pants
    Popcorn isn’t just a movie snack; it’s also a great raw material for textiles. Kay’s has developed yarn made from popcorn that’s both colorful and comfortable to wear. Kay’s pants are comfy, colorful, eco-friendly, and can be eaten in most survival situations. Get yours today at Kay’s! Edited by http://www.hqpeconsulting.com/
  • Kay’s Baby Catching Baseball Mitt
    Catching babies. It’s what we do. Now you can too! Kay’s Baby-Catching Baseball Mitt is the first catcher’s mitt made with OBGYN in mind. Kay’s Baby-Catching Baseball Mitt is specially designed to catch babies as they’re ejected from the womb! Get it today at Kay’s! Edited by http://www.hqpeconsulting.com/
  • Kay’s Self-Baking Potato
    Kay’s Self-Baking Potatoes are a fun and convenient way to serve potatoes. Simply unwrap the individually wrapped potato, place it in a bag, and pray to the dark gods for approximately one hour. When you’re ready to eat, simply open the bag and enjoy! Kay’s potatoes do not require peeling, slicing, or mess. Get it … Continue reading Kay’s Self-Baking Potato
  • Kay’s Medicinal Cream Corn
    Kay’s Medicinal Corn—or Kay’s Creamy Petite Yellow, as it’saffectionately called—is a small, nutty variety of corn that is very different from what most Americans think of as sweet corn. When the dried kernels (kernels are dried and then ground into a fine powder) are eaten fresh or uncooked (preferably soaked in water for a few … Continue reading Kay’s Medicinal Cream Corn
  • The Fisher Space Nib!
    I keep a pen in my pocket at all times. But unlike most pens, this one can write upside down, underwater, and in zero gravity. It’s a pen. It’s a writing instrument. It’s a survival tool. It’s the Fisher Space Nib!

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